So who is this guy, anyway?

Welcome to our site,!

When I go to a site, I like to consider the source. I want to know who this person that is spouting off about the topic, and why they should be considered qualified to have an opinion.

So, let me tell you a little about myself and those who keep me on the straight and narrow...


Ben in Todos Santos Guatemala First, there's me, Benjamin Barnett. I teach English at an international school in Guatemala City, Guatemala. I've also taught Spanish and bilingual education in Texas, driven a school bus for a while, studied Mayan languages, peeled shrimp on the Gulf of Mexico, delivered newspapers, and host of other exciting things (at least I consider them so). Guatemala and indigenous cultures in general are my passion, so what better way to mix two things I love (teaching and Guatemala) than to share that information with you?

Ben and Adina in San Raymundo Guatemala

Though I write most of the content, none of it would be possible without my wife, Adina. She also teaches English at the same international school. I constantly run things by her, she throws her two (or more) cents in the mix, and we churn out what we hope is more than drivel. We share many of the same interests (that's how we got together, after all) but Adina's also focused on natural living, raising kids in Guatemala, and other women's issues.

Natalia Hoodie And of course, our Natalia...

Two years old, beautiful, very independent, and a budding bilingual baby, Natalia is a handful! She's very active, and just as likely to ask us for something in Spanish as in English. She's a major reason we chose to come to Guatemala while she was still very young, in order to have her fully bilingual instead of learning in her teens and twenties as we did. She's doing well and having a blast (most days, anyway).

Why this site?

When we were preparing to move to Guatemala, we noticed that information about actually living in Guatemala, as opposed to just traveling, was very hard to come by online. Fact is, it's not too easy to come by living here, especially in English! So, I decided to fill a need and actually put up some useful information about moving and living here.

Of course, once people move to Guatemala, they don't want to just stay in one place, so there is a strong travel component to this site, as well. It's our goal to provide quality, practical information that people can use and not have to worry about being sold something all the time.

You may be interested, like we are, in indigenous cultures. A few years ago, I spent some time in the Todos Santos region, studying Mam, a Mayan language. I'm in the process of getting reacquainted with it and other Mayan's all part of

Well, that's us. If you see something written from my perspective, Adina's point of view, or from both of us, just know that everything here is what we live, day in and day out, with a little extra around the edges to round it out. We hope you'll stick around, read, learn, and even contribute. Contact us here

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