Christmas in Guatemala 101

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Curious about Christmas traditions in Guatemala?

Want to enrich your family holiday traditions or connect with your roots?

Discover the culture and traditions of Christmas in Guatemala from an insider's perspective.

Hi, I'm Benjamin Barnett.

Experiencing the culture and celebrations of Guatemala during the Christmas season is both fascinating and intriguing. As a resident in Guatemala with ties to the community, I have a unique opportunity to participate in and observe Guatemalan Christmas traditions.

This Christmas in Guatemala 101 ebook (available in print, pdf, and Kindle format) is a comprehensive guide from an insider's point of view, sharing my experiences and those of friends and acquaintances as told to me.

In addition, this book contains step-by-step Guatemala Christmas recipes, instructions on how to make Guatemalan Christmas ornaments, and fun Christmas activities for kids, as well.

"I really enjoyed this book and with the easy to use instructions I made traditional Guatemalan buñuelos and my family loved them. I am going to make them for Christmas Eve and start a new family tradition!."

Mary J., San Diego, CA

Christmas in Guatemala 101: Traditions, Fun Activities, and Recipes for an Authentic Guatemalan Christmas has facts and insights that you won't find anywhere else.

This exclusive, information-packed ebook gives you a realistic look into the Guatemalan Christmas season... available at only a small fraction of the cost of a trip to Guatemala to experience it yourself.

"Having lived in Guatemala and experienced the Christmas here for the past ten years, I can tell you that Christmas in Guatemala 101 has a real feel for what it is like to experience a Guatemalan Christmas."

Jack S. - Panajachel by way of Oklahoma City

How does purchasing the Christmas in Guatemala 101 ebook help charitable causes in Guatemala? is donating a percentage of the proceeds of the sale of this book to several approved Guatemala nonprofit groups.

Semillas de Amor - provides a high level education program for Guatemala's at-risk children and a home for children with exceptional circumstances (

Mayan Families - operates a variety of programs as a comprehensive approach to give a hand up to needy Maya people and their communities in the Lake Atitlan region (

Purchase Christmas in Guatemala 101 and we will automatically donate 5% of your purchase price equally to all nonprofits on this list.

"After someone recommended it to me, I decided to get Christmas in Guatemala 101 and it turned out to be really good. It talks about traditions such as "posadas" and tamales. There is also some info about why Guatemalans celebrate Christmas the way they do it.

But my favorite part is the one where they give you recipes about how to cook Traditional Guatemalan tamales. It even comes with some educational and fun activities for kids.

This would be great for any family or individual traveler that is planning on visiting Guatemala during the holidays.."

The Travel Experta

What will I discover in Christmas in Guatemala 101?

Section 1 - Celebrations during the Christmas Season

    General celebrations, including Convites, Posadas, Toros and the ever-present firecrackers (bombas)

    Specific holidays, such as the

  • Burning of the Devil
  • Feast of the Virgin of Immaculate Conception
  • Día del Santo Tomas
  • Navidad
  • La Procesión del Niño
  • Año Nuevo
  • Traditional Mayan celebrations, and more!

  • burning of the devil
    Quema del Diablo
    Año Nuevo
    procesion del ninoProcesión del Niño

    Section 2 - Traditional Christmas Foods in Guatemala

  • Tamales
  • Buñuelos
  • Plátanos
  • Dobladas
  • Chile Rellenos
  • Sweet Bread
  • Ponche
  • Hot Chocolate

  • platanos

    With some step-by-step mouthwatering recipes!

    Section 3 - Christmas Decorations

    Nacimientos - Nativity Scenes (and some neat traditions surrounding them)

    Floor coverings made of straw, pine needles and moss

    House Decorations such as garlands, straw lambs, and poinsettas

    El Arbol Navideño - who could forget the Christmas tree?

    corderos de paja
    Corderos de Paja

    Section 4 - Spanish Christmas Carols and Villancicos

    Famous Worldwide Christmas Carols, including songs like Silent Night, Joy to the World, and more in English and Spanish, along with recommended for good recorded versions

    Famous Spanish Christmas Carols that are sung throughout Latin America, including Guatemala, with our favorite artists

    Recommended Spanish Christmas Albums

    Section 5 - Christmas Crafts and Activities for Kids

    Children's Processions, including how to make your own drums and shakers

    Posada Lanterns

    Poinsetta Suncatchers

    Foam Ornaments

    Christmas Coloring Pages

    poinsetta ornaments
    Poinsetta Ornaments
    toy procession drum
    Toy Procession Drum

    You'll also receive these 2 3 4 Bonus Resources when you purchase Christmas in Guatemala 101...

    Bonus #1 - Free book of over 40 Guatemalan Tamales Recipes

    tamale coloring sheetTamal Coloring Sheet
    Try these step-by-step recipes to enjoy the flavors of Guatemala all year long. The book includes tamale recipes for all different times of the year from all regions of Guatemala. All recipes are in Spanish and English. Your very own bilingual cookbook...a $10 value itself, for free! Available in pdf and .mobi (Kindle) format!

    Bonus #2 - Fun Guatemala Coloring Sheets and Activities for Kids

    Over 30 pages of Guatemala holiday coloring sheets, as well as crossword

    Noche de Paz Silent Night Sheet MusicNoche de Paz - Silent Night
    puzzles, word finds, and more to keep kids entertained during the holiday season and the rest of the year. Great for teachers with restless students and fun for kids, too!

    Bonus #3 - Spanish Christmas Carol Sheet Music

    This bonus includes sheet music of the melodies and chords of several popular Christmas songs in Spanish. Lyrics pages are already included in your ebook, now you can put them to use easily with your class or caroling group! Available in pdf format.

    Bonus #4 - For Teachers and Educators

    Materials to use in class, such as powerpoints to learn about Christmas in Guatemala, supplementary activities, and more!

    As someone who has only ever experienced a North American Christmas, Christmas in Guatemala 101 by Benjamin Barnett was an eye opener to what Christmas should be like.

    After reading this, one can't help but want to plan to spend December in Guatemala to take in the parades, dancing, and food! And with the easy-to-follow instructions included, any family can enjoy their own version of a Guatemalan Christmas at home before going to Guatemala to experience the real thing!

        -Derek MacPhail, MPA (Scotland, by way of Canada)

    Experience Christmas in Guatemala 101
    wherever you are during the holiday season...
    christmas in guatemala ebook

    ...for just $17

    (and remember, a portion of your purchase goes to help charities in Guatemala)

    This book is loaded with delicious recipes, fun activities, and traditions you won't find anywhere else.

    You can access Christmas in Guatemala: Traditions, Fun Activities, and Recipes for an Authentic Guatemala Christmas - a unique insider view to the Guatemalan holiday season - for only $17...a small fraction of the price you'd pay to visit Guatemala, and help Guatemalan needy at the same time.

    Want the print version?

    Christmas in Guatemala 101: Traditions, Fun Activities, and Recipes for an Authentic Guatemala Christmas is now available in paperback! We've worked very hard on it, and we hope you'll like it. Get your copy now for only $25 (includes shipping and all ebook materials and bonuses listed above)!

    Buy now!

    Downloadable Ebook (pdf/Kindle format) - $17

    Immediately after your purchase, you can download your ebook and learn about Guatemalan Christmas traditions, food, and fun!

    This Christmas in Guatemala ebook comes with a No-Questions Asked Guarantee:

    If you're not satisfied with this ebook, just email me within six weeks of the date you receive it and I will issue your 100% refund immediately.

    Your ebook purchase is 100% safe and secure - and 100% risk free.

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    While Benjamin's book has plenty of information on posadas, decorations and other traditions around here, I think the best part is the recipes. There are TONS of Christmas recipes for Guatemalan food, plus he's including a bonus full of tamale recipes. Forty of them, to be exact...They're all fairly easy to make at home, too, so you can enjoy a bit of Guatemalan tradition, too.

    Of course, for the not-so-food minded, you will read about all the traditions around here, like the burning of the Devil, the feast of the Virgin and plenty of other ones I didn't even know much about before this. There is also a whole section on activities and crafts for kids with a Guatemalan theme. Definitely worth a read if you are interested in Guatemalan traditions.

         - ExpatMom - Read her full review here

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