Semana Santa 101

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Curious about Semana Santa (Holy Week) in Guatemala?

Want to enrich your family holiday traditions or connect with your roots?

Discover the culture and traditions of Holy Week in Guatemala from an insider's perspective.

Hi, I'm Benjamin Barnett.

Experiencing the culture and celebrations of Guatemala during the Easter season is both fascinating and intriguing. As a resident in Guatemala with ties to the community, I have a unique opportunity to participate in and observe the traditions of Semana Santa in Guatemala.

This Semana Santa 101 book (available in print, pdf, and Kindle format) is a comprehensive guide from an insider's point of view, sharing my experiences and those of friends and acquaintances as told to me.

Who can benefit from Semana Santa 101?

Adoptive Parents wanting to share or learn about their child's heritage

Teachers (especially social studies and Spanish) sharing Guatemalan and Latin American culture with their students

Students learning more about Guatemala and Latin America

Nonprofit or missionary groups raising awareness for their cause (fundraising info here)

Anyone interested in the culture of Guatemala or Central America.

"The book is great! It's written in simple enough language that even my four year old can understand it when I read it to her. Also, the recipes are very easy to follow and can be made with ingredients easily found in the US."

- Kimberly Smith - Adoptive parent and former Antigua Language Student

Christmas in Guatemala 101: Traditions, Fun Activities, and Recipes for an Authentic Guatemalan Christmas has facts and insights that you won't find anywhere else.

This exclusive, information-packed ebook gives you a realistic look into the Guatemalan Christmas season... available at only a small fraction of the cost of a trip to Guatemala to experience it yourself.

"Having lived in Guatemala and experienced the Christmas here for the past ten years, I can tell you that Christmas in Guatemala 101 has a real feel for what it is like to experience a Guatemalan Christmas."

Jack S. - Panajachel by way of Oklahoma City

How does purchasing the Semana Santa 101 ebook help charitable causes in Guatemala? is donating a percentage of the proceeds of the sale of this book to several approved Guatemala nonprofit groups.

Semillas de Amor - provides a high level education program for Guatemala's at-risk children and a home for children with exceptional circumstances (

Mayan Families - operates a variety of programs as a comprehensive approach to give a hand up to needy Mayan people and their communities in the Lake Atitlan region (

Casa Guatemala - a home and school for orphaned, abandoned, or abused children, located in the jungle on the banks of the Rio Dulce in beautiful Guatemala, Central America.(

Purchase Semana Santa 101 and we will automatically donate 5% of your purchase price equally to all nonprofits on this list.

"Benjamin Barnett's Semana Santa was a surprising journey through a world I could not have imagined. I was expecting a bird's-eye view of a holiday with which I am well acquainted, having been raised Catholic. However, what I found was a celebration that was barely familiar to me!

I was pulled in by the beautiful, full color photographs. Yet, the imagery created by Benjamin's descriptions of unique traditions rolled like a feature film through my mind and gave meaning to the pictures that were like no Holy Week I have ever seen. From the stunning alfombras, which are an elaborate, even if brief, expression of devotion, to the church figures that have made hundreds of processions on the shoulders of cucuruchos, this book details how Semana Santa is in the hearts of the people all year long.

The book is spiritual in honoring the traditions, yet also practical as a guide for visitors. For those who can't make the trip to experience Semana Santa themselves, there are ample recipes, crafts and activities to bring Semana Santa right to your own home! A quick read, this book is a perfect resource for those who want to learn more about the culture of Guatemala, as well as those who are searching for ways to re-infuse an important Christian holiday with the devotion and traditions of long ago."

Rachel Murray, Detroit, MI, USA

What will I discover in Semana Santa 101?

Section 1 - What is Semana Santa?

    Origins of Semana Santa in Guatemala


    Preparation for Semana Santa

    Churches and their Participation

    Hermandades and their Participation

    Section 2 - Processions

    Where to See Processions

    Andas (Floats)




    Las Dolorosas


    Esquadrones de Palestinos


    las dolorosas
    Las Dolorosas

    Funeral Marches

    Alfombras (colorful carpets)


    Section 3 - Cuaresma/Lent


    Miercoles de Ceniza (Ash Wednesday)


    Viacrucis - Stations of the Cross


    Section 4 - Semana Santa

    Molletes (Yum!!)

    Processions and Significant Events

    The Resurrection

    Peregrinaje a Antigua - Pilgrimage to Antigua

    Mayan Traditions

    Viajes a la Playa (beach trips)

    Tips for Enjoying Semana Santa

    Section 5 - Traditional Semana Santa Foods

    (By the way, these recipes are very easy to follow!)

    Panes con Pollo

    Mojarras Fritas



    Elotes Locos

    ....and more!

    Section 6 - Semana Santa Activities

    Make your own Alfombra

    Make a mini "Anda" or Float

    Many more fun activities for kids!

    We've very much enjoyed this book. My daughters have very much enjoyed hearing about the Semana Santa traditions and comparing them to how we celebrate Easter here in the US. Having spent two Semana Santas in Spain, I've enjoyed reading about the similarities and differences between the two countries.

    My daughters have loved the coloring pages included in the book and are excited to try making their own alfombras. My older daughter was thrilled with all of the recipes that she can try. We loved the Christmas book from All About Guatemala and this book maintains the tradition. It's a must-have for anyone interested in Guatemala.

    - Kerri V., USA

    You'll also receive these 3 Bonus Resources when you purchase Semana Santa 101...

    Bonus #1 - For teachers and educators

    Materials to use in class, such as powerpoints to learn about Semana Santa, supplementary activities, and lesson plans

    Bonus #2 - Fun Activities for Kids

    Semana Santa Word Searches, Crossword Puzzles, Crafts, and More!

    Bonus #3 - Free book of over 40 Guatemalan Tamales Recipes

    Try these step-by-step recipes to enjoy the flavors of Guatemala all year long. The book includes tamale recipes for all different times of the year from all regions of Guatemala. All recipes are in Spanish and English, side by side. Your very own bilingual cookbook...a $10 value itself, for free!

    Experience Semana Santa 101
    wherever you are during the holiday season...
    Semana Santa in Guatemala ebook

    ...for just $17

    (and remember, a portion of your purchase goes to help charities in Guatemala)

    This book is loaded with delicious recipes, fun activities, and traditions you won't find anywhere else.

    You can access the Semana Santa 101: A Look at Holy Week in Guatemala in ebook format (PDF and Kindle) - a unique insider view to the Guatemalan Easter season - for only $17...a small fraction of the price you'd pay to visit Guatemala, and help Guatemalan needy at the same time.

    Want the print version?

    Semana Santa 101: A Look at Holy Week in Guatemala is now available in paperback! We've worked very hard on it, and we hope you'll like it. Get your copy now for only $25 (includes shipping and all ebook materials and bonuses listed above)!

    Buy now!

    Downloadable Ebook (pdf/Kindle format) - $17

    Immediately after your purchase, you can download your ebook and learn about Semana Santa traditions, food, and fun!

    This Semana Santa in Guatemala ebook comes with a No-Questions Asked Guarantee:

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    I really enjoyed the beautiful pictures of the alfombras (especially the very interesting one with the fruit alfombra!), and all the in-depth information about the traditions and significance of those traditions of Holy Week, the history of the celebration, and the fusion of Christian and Mayan influences on the holiday, as well as particulars such as how the carriers of the "floats" are chosen, how much planning and financial support go into them, and how the processions are actually executed.

    I also appreciated the additional information on the Lenten season leading up to Semana Santa. I have not read such detailed information on the holiday in Guatemala anywhere else in my searching, and it's all combined into one resource! Included are recipes traditional to the holiday, and also related children's crafts and links to coloring pages. This is a wonderful resource for anyone wanting to know more about this most important holiday in Guatemala!

         - Dorothy K., Kansas, USA

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    Buy the Print Book now
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    $25 (free shipping!)

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